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Monday, March 17, 2014 - 10:44 PM

This space is so dead ): Haven't had the time to do proper updates and edit my photos.. For now it'll be Dayre for minute mundane things since I would like to keep Tumblr for fangirling haha.

dayre.me/mmmchia ciaos.

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Monday, February 17, 2014 - 1:33 AM


When I was younger, my mind was made up that if my parents divorced, I would follow my mom.
Now that I am older, I see so much my dad's been through, and all I want him to know is that no matter what happens I'm here for him.

To me, my dad's like God. Nothing can be too difficult for him. Seeing him so affected by everything that's happened (vague but I can't describe anything either because there are so many legal implications) makes me really upset. There's nothing much I can do except be his listening ear now and then, be his errands boy, and support all his decisions. I think it's rather upsetting that my mom is being so unsupportive.

I'm really tired going back and forth the hospital.
Will things get better from now? ):

We get older, we see more of the ugly realities of life. I used to think that this life is mine. I make my own decisions, and I would go to any lengths to get what I want, disregarding what others though. But now, I realized how wrong I was. I would give anything up for my family. Maybe, in a way, that's what I want.

我不要求太多, 只要求大家开开心心. 只要能这样, 我什么都能放弃.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014 - 8:43 PM
Week #3 and Week #4

20/01/2014 [20/365], Sardines in a train.
21/01/2014 [21/365], The long road ahead.

22/01/2014 [22/365], Brain's all fuzzy from learning Cadence.

23/01/2014 [23/365], Chinese New Year is made of nian gao-s.

24/01/2014 [24/365], These boots are made for walking.

25/01/2014 [25/365], Yusheng damage count #1.

26/01/2014 [26/365], The beginnings of feasting on CNY snacks.

27/01/2014 [27/365], As long as it is bak chor mee, I am satisfied. // Guilty of being lazy. Today's photo is suppossed to be from my DSLR.. But I'm too lazy to do a transfer from the SD card. 

28/01/2014 [28/365], Comfort food in the form of soup while I try to program the microprocessor. 

29/01/2014 [29/365], After 8 hours in lab. Huat right?

30/01/2014 [30/365], Racial Harmony. Malay neighbours cooked up a whole pot of Nasi Briyani and curry to add to our reunion dinner.

31/01/2014 [31/365], I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed. Get along with the voices inside of my head.

01/02/2014 [32/365], Hi birdy birdy. 

02/02/2014 [33/365], Guilty of too many food photos this week.

Finally got round to posting photos from the last two weeks. The last two weeks have been rough.

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